Ticket Prices: 

Matinees (All shows before 5:00 PM)

  • Adults: 10.00  
  • Seniors: $8.00  60 and over
  • Children: $8.00  11 and under
  • VIP Matinee: 13.00  15 Seats Mid-Theater Reserved for advance sales


Evening (All shows 5:00 PM and after)

  • Adult: $12.00  
  • Seniors: $8.50  60 and over
  • Children : $8.50  11 and under
  • VIP: 15.00  15 Seats Mid-Theater Reserved for advance sales



Typically we open our box office 30 minutes prior to our first showtime of that day. Depending on weather, you will want to arrive before each showtime by 15-20 minutes for choice seating, but in certain circumstances like popular movies or bad weather, you may want to arrive earlier. For general admission ticket holders, the earlier you arrive will grant you a better choice of seats. For VIP ticket holders, you can arrive right at showtime when the concession line will be less crowded, and your seats will be saved where you intended when you purchased them. 



VIP Seats must be purchased at least 60 minutes prior to showtime. Once purchased, your seats are reserved, and the tickets are non-refundable. The ticket holder will be able to avoid waiting in line or arriving early to get choice seating. We will assign your ticket in one of the three middle rows, choice of aisle seats are available. Your ticket will show your Row and Seat number. Example: Seat “7 A” is row 7, seat A (closest to the aisle). 



Weather is the biggest determiner on whether we are busy or not. Generally sunny days mean you will have an easier time getting good seats. Stormy conditions almost guarantee we will sell out our shows, as we only have 59 seats per theater.


New Movies: 

Our movie contracts range from 1 to 3 weeks long, depending on the movies we are offered at that time. Showtimes generally change on Friday.


Theater Seating:

Each of our two theaters has 59 seats, 2 handicapped chairs that are removable in the front row, and the remainder of the rows seat 5 across.



We are a privately owned and managed theater, and are not affiliated with any third party ticketing website, nor do we sell tickets over the phone. At the moment, we can sell both VIP and General Admission tickets at our box-office in person. 

We are located at 535 Tarpon Bay Rd. in the Bailey's shopping center. Our box-office generally opens 30 minutes prior to our first showtime of each day. 


Popcorn Recipe:

We serve Weaver Gold Popcorn, cooked in Lou Ana Premium Canola Popping Oil, seasoned with Peters Yellow Popcorn Salt, and have an optional soy based Lou Ana Buttery Topping.



Refunds can be made before the showtime for which the ticket was purchased. VIP tickets are nonrefundable.